The Purity of Your Own Heart

All of that having been said, where, then, is Jesus? Where, then, dwells the Christ?

These are, of course, just words and sounds, but the real question remains: where is everything Jesus, or the Buddha, or Ramana, or any other teacher who has ever meant anything to you? Footsteps of lovingkindness, of joy and freedom that may have been taken thousands of years ago are your steps also. They are your very next step. The Buddha is the beginning, the middle, and the end of your next breath. Ramana lies at the core of your being. They are not different. This not about elevating, clinging to, or getting rid of any particular religion, spiritual path, or teacher. It is about bringing undivided attention to what they all point to.

Awareness is everywhere. Truth is everywhere. Love is everywhere. We could continue, out of habit and defense, to deny it, but to what avail? When all names and divisions have come to silence, what is the purity that always remains?

-Scott Morrison-

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