It’s Completely Up To You

Why continue hiding behind the pretenses and defenses of self consciousness, self doubt, or cynicism? Why let yourself be distracted by what you imagine other people think? There is such a blessedness, such a precious, subtle, profound, and exquisite beauty inside and all around you! Set aside theories, opinions, beliefs, and prior assumptions, yours and everybody else’s. Why not find out, beyond all speculation?

What is it like, to be truly alive and awake?

Happiness, freedom, and peace do not lie elsewhere, at some future time. It’s completely up to you – this very instant – as you’re sitting here looking at this screen. All you have to do is give yourself, completely and absolutely, to the heart of what is. All you have to do is give yourself, completely and absolutely, to what you already are — to what, at your very core, you’ve been all along. It makes no difference if you have heard or read or thought it ten thousand times. No matter that you may have trivialized or betrayed it a hundred thousand times, thinking, “I already know this.” All that counts is whether you are willing to truly let it in this time:
Awareness is everywhere.

Truth is everywhere.

Love is everywhere.

All you have to do is allow yourself to be unconditionally open to it, without negotiation, distraction, or defense.

Everywhere and always. On every breath. On this breath. In everything you think, say, and do:

That’s all. Nothing more. Why not find out? Yes, finally find out for yourself, beyond all doubt.

But only if you want to be happy, free, and at peace, that is.

-Your own Self-

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