Thinking About Awareness

Thinking about awareness is not awareness. It is only when the more or less continuous stream of memory and fantasy, of words, images, intentions, beliefs, opinions, emotions and associated physical sensations is seen clearly for what it is that the mind actually comes to a halt. For at least a few seconds, the meaninglessness of self-centered, obsessive thinking is exposed, and thought literally has nothing useful or honest to say. If it is not trivialized, this small but unmistakable window of opportunity is of enormous importance.

When you discover that self-centered thought (including all “spiritual self-centered thought”) literally means nothing at all, that there is no love, no happiness, no wisdom or intelligence in any of it, you have the opportunity to give yourself over, completely, to the process of truth, that is, awareness and unflinching, uncompromising, honest reflection. If you do that, if you do that absolutely, then the mind, with all of its craving and clinging, all of its monotonous, deceptive, repetitious, fearful and hurtful insanity, no longer has any power. In the absence of all vested interests, the power of this level of integrity and sincerity can shake the foundations of the entire universe.

Why not stop, now, and find out if that is really true?

-Scott Morrison-


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