The Quiet Joy of Simply Being

The practice of meditation is the practice of joy. If you sit quietly, and very, very still, or walk very slowly down a road or a path in the woods, and if you pay very close attention to what it is to simply be, what it is to let everything simply be as it is, you will begin to notice a deep joy pervading the whole world. When you give up clinging — liking and disliking, wanting and fearing, craving and hating — the universe is suddenly a very happy place, and there is a profound sense of relief. It’s really that simple. It may be easy for one person and difficult for the next, but who cares? Why not go all the way, whatever it takes? Which one of us really has anything better to do with this life? With this moment?

If you’re willing to completely let go, meditation is enlightenment itself, intimacy itself, freedom itself. Then everything is simply happening on its own, in a vast and endless Silence.

Why not stop and find out if that is so? Why not find out if that is so right now?

-Scott Morrison-


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