What Are You Waiting For?

Do we really have any more time to waste? We have squandered opportunity after opportunity, literally millions of them, over the course of a whole lifetime, and here we are, still hedging and hiding out, still arguing and defending, still making excuses. And to what end? To be enlightened is to be unconditionally intimate with all that is. All you need is willingness. Even if there were no such word, no such concept, no enlightenment or realization, no spiritual awakening, liberation, Self realization, satori, kensho, moksha, salvation, the holy instant, no spiritual anything, is there anything else that really makes sense? Why continue to trivialize your life? Dropping all fear and harshness, all embarrassment and self consciousness, why not go ahead and be what you are? Why not go ahead and be all that you are? God is waiting for you to finally break down. Jesus and Siddhartha, Ramana, Papaji, Bodhidharma, and Dogen Zenji, all of the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas are standing by, and all of the saints and sages are giving you their full attention this very instant.

Why not drop all pretenses? Why not completely open your heart, and completely open your mind? Why not completely and eternally? Why not now? The entire universe is waiting for you.

Silence is where you come from. Awareness is your home. Why not be in love forever?

-Your own Self-

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