Undivided Willingness

Dear Scott,

Thank you for doing this. I’ve never seen such clarity, honesty, and wisdom, on the Web or anywhere else. Yesterday’s posting about intentions stopped me dead in my tracks. Can you say more about True Motive?

The foundation of any serious spiritual path, any awakened and liberated life, is clarity of intention, purity of intention, integrity of intention, undivided sincerity of intention. We may say that our purpose is love and awareness, honesty and compassion, and maybe it feels good to think that about ourselves, but generally our motives are mixed. When push comes to shove, again, what is most important to you? If you want to be free, it means you want to be completely free, right now. If you want to be awake, you have to drop all pretense of dualism and separation, and allow yourself to be completely, naturally, effortlessly awake right now. If you want to know the pure, quiet joy and serenity that is love, you have to be completely willing to let go of all conditions, right now. Otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself with some sort of spiritual or personal dogma. As long as you imagine it’s in the future, even though it may seem to be sanctioned by certain spiritual teachers, teachings, or organizations, the fact is that you’re hiding something. You’re secretly playing religious or philosophical games while protecting some vested interest.

I’m not suggesting that you should judge or hate yourself for it. As human beings, we are just experimenting, trying to find out what works. But if your intentions are divided, it’s important to admit that to yourself, so that you’re not wandering around wondering why you don’t really seem to be happy or at peace. True Motive is pure cause and effect. If you cling to anything, anything at all, you are a slave to that thing. If you cling to nothing, then the universe and the boundless consciousness, the infinite silence that contains it, is simply and clearly what you are.

-Scott Morrison-


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