The Ways of Awareness and Love

Dear Scott, You say, “All you need is willingness,” and “completely open your heart, and completely open your mind,” and it sounds so beautiful, but what does that mean? I truly want to let go, but how do you stop self-centered thinking? How do you fall in love with the universe?

In the absence of desire, the world is strangely fresh, and new, and intimate. Self centered thinking stops when you stop wishing you were somebody else, somewhere else, doing something else, or with someone else. When you stop putting your life on hold by comparing it unfavorably to how it could be or should be, you suddenly realize you know nothing about anything, and the mystery and the miracle of awareness is everywhere.

Give up craving, and you will suddenly begin to notice that everyone around you is strangely fascinating. Give up your overt or secret fantasies and longings that things be “better” – romantically, sexually, financially, emotionally, physically, socially, politically and so on, and suddenly your wife, your husband, your lover, your family members, your co-workers, people on the street, or in the store will strike you as strange, curious, new animals.

Forget about trying to make the world conform to your fantasies. Fantasies are nothing but recycled memory, and have no truth or reality to them at all. Give yourself openly, tenderly, and without reservation or expectation to this subtle, touching, unknown world, and everything and everybody will be absolutely amazing to you.

-Your own Self-

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