The Magic of All That Is

There is no path to here. There is no path to now. You are already, always, eternally, only, here, now. Now is the only time you can be awake. Now is the only time you can be free. Now is the only time you can care or be curious about anyone or anything. Now is the only time you can do or be anything. You may choose, now, to fixate and obsess on motive and memory, fantasy, and commentary, with their associated rivers of emotions, some of them perhaps very powerful. You may be continually preoccupied, even addicted, to the endocrine cocktails they produce. You may imagine that whole process to be the past, or the future, even the present. You may imagine that to be your life, or the world. But it’s all just the play of memory, nothing more. It is what you are doing with memory and fantasy, this very moment, nothing more. And sooner or later, you get sick of the monotony, the isolation, the boredom, the self-centered wretchedness of it all.

To be awake is to be unconditionally open to all that is. It is to be completely without prior opinion or assumption about anything. To stay awake is to surrender, totally, to unedited and unrestricted awareness, to abandon the pretense of both past and future.

There is nowhere else to go. Why not just be here, with tenderness, generosity, and compassion? Why not simply rest in the eternal magic of uncompromising attention and affection? Why not fall unguardedly in love with the endless peace into which all things are born, your very own Self? We are all the very Same One. Why hold back?

-Your own Self-

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