Strangely Familiar

Hi Scott, First, I have a “feeling” that everybody knows who they are, but like me…they are just pretending. This is a strong FEELING. I can read your words posted on your site…and there is a feeling that everybody KNOWS this…

Secondly, Time often seems strange! For instance, I may experience at the end of one day a “feeling” like many years have gone by. The person I appeared to be seven years ago “feels” like it happened many more years ago…or even lifetimes ago.

And lastly and the one most perplexing, I notice that I’m surrounded by “others” that experience what I am experiencing or have recently experienced…and they seem compelled to tell me. For instance, I experienced a healing in my right foot from an injury many, many years ago…and a few days later I was sitting in a park when a little girl walked up to me. We chatted a little, and she told me how she use to have problems with her foot but it’s all better now. 🙂 Joy! Joy!,,, filled my heart! And another experience very recently…I finally gave up a particular relationship in my heart (or mind – you could say because the person is still in my life and nothing has really changed except I’m not clinging.) Well, a few days later a neighbor came by and we sat on the porch to talk a little. Her eyes were so bright and beautiful, so full of love. She told me about a relationship she finally let go of and was wondering why she hung on so long because it was so painful to do so. If I feel rushed for time…others around me are too. I see people checking their watches or telling me they must hurry. There are many, many others….so many that I cannot dismiss this any longer as coincidence. Yet I lack understanding…mostly if there is a joyful letting go, then I rejoice in my heart with them. If there is still suffering, I want so much to let go so everyone can, but I often don’t and then I feel sorrow.

Can you shed any light or insight into these experiences?

The exploration of the Self just goes deeper and deeper…

I share those experiences also, so often sometimes, it makes my brain spin! The whole thing has a kind of irresistible logic to it, but I don’t rely on even that so much anymore. How consciousness does what it does is a never-ending mystery to me. There are times when it is so strange and sweet it makes my heart ache.

Everybody does know, until you ask them, at which point, most will fervently deny it. We’ve all been taught so thoroughly to hide it that it seems embarrassing to tell the truth without flinching. We are afraid of appearing arrogant, or grandiose, or insensitive to other peoples’ privacy. Furthermore, the intimacy of you and I and everyone else being the Same seems, on first glance, to be too intense. It takes your breath away! A lot of what spiritual transformation is about is learning how to relax into being that intimate with everyone and everything without shame or embarrassment. The irony is that once you begin to explore it, you realize it’s the most natural thing in the world.

The experience of “time”, of past, present, and future, is such a massive and complex flow of interactions between memory and feeling. An identity seems like day before yesterday, then it feels like many years ago. But it’s all just the play of memory and fantasy.

And yes, we live life for everyone. When we are open and free of entangling hopes for security or pleasure, there seems to be joy and happiness everywhere. When we give everyone full attention, when we allow affection and compassion to flow freely, everything we encounter is touching and familiar, sometimes even down to the finer details. You go into a restaurant, you sit in the park, and even on television, it seems like there are old friends everywhere. And you can’t quite put your finger on where you might have met or had this conversation before. In spite the appearance of separate bodies and identities, it’s really all just you. And that’s not separate from me or anyone else. It sounds awkward, sometimes bizarre, or even crazy, from a dualistic perspective, but we are all simply humankind. We are all simply everything. I mean that literally. The separation exists only in thought.

Beyond self-centered thinking, nothing divides us from one another. Let that radical shift in perspective occur, not theoretically or philosophically, but immediately and actually, and it will jolt your whole system awake, breaking your heart wide open and turning you inside out.

-Your own Self-

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